Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The land to create

I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Learning how to write was fun. To use a tool to create something had me smitten. When I was a adolescence my grandmother paid a lady to teach me to knit. I can't remember her name but I remember how patient and nice she was. Time stood still in that moment with her. Teaching me the knit stitch was her only agenda. I don't remember practicing that much on my own but I happily anticipated our knitting session.

In my junior year in high school I volunteered to answer phones for the special Olympics in my city. I shared a cubicle space with a kind elderly lady who was doing a technique with a canvas and needle. I enjoyed watching her. She noticed my interest and she told me about the cross stitch technique she was doing. It was beautiful and intricate, yet easy to learn. She begin to teach me. I learned the cross stitch technique easily. I continued cross stitching thru out college. It was soothing to cross stitch while watching a movie, talking with a friend or listening to music.  I stopped cross stitching the year our daughter was born. I was afraid that I would forget a needle was not put away and she would get accidentally pricked.

The following year we welcomed our second child a son into the world. By the time  both children were toddlers I felt more comfortable to try cross stiching again. The children did not bother my needles or canvas but they kept my so busy it was hard to complete a stitch. By the time I put them to bed I would be so exhausted from the day I would fall to sleep on my knees after praying with the children.

Parenting small children almost solo because my husband was in his residency didnot  allow much time to sit and think.  But time and change can bring new opportunities. I had cut my hair when our daughter was one and I wanted to learn more about managing African American hair in its natural state. I heard about a technique called Sisterlocks. I found a book and online information about classes to learn the technique. I began to pray about it. There was a 3 day class offered in Atlanta and the fee was over $600.00. My life to this point had proven that I have a spiritual gift of big faith and this was needed to get me to the class. A miracle did happen and I went to the training. John was on break and was able to care for the children. I went eager and ready to learn. What moved me the most was that the technique reminded me of cross stitching. I got excited to think that I would be paid to "cross stitch" someones hair. I ended up having a great business at home for almost 10 years.

This recent move to Maine has brought me to a new place of discovery. There are so many crafters ( or those who work with their hands) that I have been working on finding my nitch. I live in a community of writer, woodcrafters, artist, knitters, soap makers and the list goes on. Every time I am out for a walk  I run into a neighbor who is either starting or finishing a project. This has truly inspired me to find a craft. So in my search I connected to soap making. I love baking
(not cooking) and this craft mimicks the actions of a baker.  I enjoy spending hours reading and researching. I have made 2 batches of soap and preparing for my 3rd batch. Wow maine has been a unique place to live. It is a land to be creative. It's A-Maine-zing!!

This is my 2nd batch of soap!

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