Monday, November 19, 2012

The decline of the bookstores

I am not happy to see the decline of the bookstores. Yes I do have a iPad with IBook and a Kindle app but I also have hundreds of books. My husband and I debate about ebooks and real books. He feels they are becoming obsolete I totally disagree. My husband is a foodie. I am a book lover. When I lived in Memphis a favorite pastime on Saturdays was to go to a estate sale to buy books. I was always able to find something of interest from parenting to expensive art books. I was a bit disappointed when we moved to Maine. Only a few estate sales on the weekend and even fewer bookstores. Where would I go for books. Praise God for libraries not only can I get my books but the library in my community has the best reading room. You can sit for hours reading. My husband and I actually did that on Saturday. He sat and read a book and a magazine. He brought his Ipad but never took it out. I left my Ipad at home charging up for my late night reading.

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