Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The bravest thing I've ever did is give birth

On the Holmes and Rahe scale of life stressors pregnancy rated number 12. I personally had a stress free pregnancy. I was not sick, gained appropriate weight and my hair was growing. I have faith in God so I prayed for God's grace for a great pregnancy.

Well the test of my faith and bravery begin the moment I went into labor. One of my struggles at that time was weakness. I was not strong. I easily got frighten or "chicken-out" of something. I was now in a situation were I had to see it to the finish.
As my labor pains increased I requested a epidural. I anxiously anticipated the relief from this unbearable pain. My friends had me convinced that once I had a epidural all pain would cease. Unfortunately they were wrong! Not only did my pain not stop but the doctors pricked me 7 times trying to do the epidural. I ended up screaming our daughter into the world. The pain decreased immediately after her birth.

My husband and mother commended me on my bravery. I did not see it that way. I had no other options but to push her out. Yet since having her and raising my now 15 year old I do see it as the bravest thing I ever done. She's A-Maine-zing!

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