Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A change in Thanksgiving plans!

Thanksgiving is one of our families favorite holidays. We have personally hosted Thanksgiving in our home for the past 20 years. Well this is the 1st year that no one will be joining our family of four. With our recent move to Maine a few months ago the new distance is to long for some to drive and to expensive for a plane trip with a short stay. We are going to miss the hugs, laughter, game playing, late night talking and memories awaken from viewing old pictures. Yet as a believer in Christ, I know that everything operates in divine order. I encourage my family to not just think about what we will miss but think about the positive moments we will have. With just the four of us we will be able to go to bed when we are tired the night before and wake up on Thanksgiving when we are actually ready to get up. We will take our time to prepare food and not worry about clearing the table. My husband and I can stretch out and nap together on the couch.

Yes the plan for Thanksgiving is not what we are use to but we will embrace it and be thankful!

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